Full Specification
Date updated 29/03/2017
Vessel’s name STENA
IMO number 9452268
Vessel’s previous name(s) and date(s) of change TRANSNAV HAZEL (18 JAN 2017)
YAMUNA (19 FEB 2016)
STENA (08 OCT 2014)
Date delivered 29th November 2009
Builder (where built) Zhenjiang SOPO Shipbuilding Co. LtdPRC / SP0508
Port of Registry PANAMA
Call sign 3EHH4
Vessel’s satcom phone number 00870773141346
Vessel’s fax number N/A
Vessel’s telex number 435495410 / 435495411
Vessel’s email address stena@om-email.net
Type of vessel Tanker for oil product & chemical, Type IMO-2
Type of hull Double hull