Full Specification
Date updated 29/03/2017
Vessel’s name SOPHIA III
IMO number 9448891
Vessel’s previous name(s) and date(s) of change GANGA (20 MAY 2015)
SOPHIA III (20 OCT 2014)
SOPHIA (20 MAY 2015)
Date delivered January2009
Builder (where built) Zhenjiang SOPO Shipbuilding Co. LtdPRC / SP09
Port of Registry PANAMA
Call sign 3END4
Vessel’s satcom phone number 00870773141125
Vessel’s fax number N/A
Vessel’s telex number 463718477 / 463718478
Vessel’s email address sophiaiii@om-email.net
Type of vessel Product oil/Type 3(+2k) chemical carrier
Type of hull Double hull